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Assalamu Alaikum WRWB

As the month of Ramadan is nearing the end, we are getting closer to the Day of Eid. As is the Sunnah and obligation upon many to give the *Sadaqatul Fitr* before the prayer of Eid and best to give a few days before Eid to allow the organizers to distribute to the eligible parties.

*Sadaqatul Fitr* can be given in any of the following amount:
*$5.25*/person based off *wheat grain*
*$15.75*/person based off *barley*
*$19.75*/person based off *raisins*
*$26.25*/person based off *dates*

While it is recommended to give based off the highest for those that can afford, everyone has a *choice* of giving by whatever amount they choose. Keep in mind this for the needy, the more they receive the more they can have!

*Sadaqatul Fitr must be given for every person in the house for those that qualify to give.*

Following we have provided a link for Sadaqatul Fitr (Zakatul Fitr) collection for your convenience:

If you have any questions regarding Sadaqatul Fitr, please message the Imaam directly.

Jazakumullahu Khaira

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